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Gregor Schmidinger

Gregor Schmidinger is a screenwriter and director, living in Vienna. He pursued a degree in screenwriting at the University of California in Los Angeles. He has worked on short films, music videos, commercials, and one motion picture. His short films THE BOY NEXT DOOR (2008) und HOMOPHOBIA (2012) have over 15 million views on YouTube. His first feature fim NEVRLAND 92019) won the Youth Jury Award at the 40. Max-Ophüls Preis Film Festival as well as the Thomas-Pluch Spezialpreis for best script. In addition to that, NEVRLAND won best feature film at the TLV Festival in Tel Aviv in 2019. Gregor Schmidinger is a member of the jury of the Austrian Filmbewertungskommission, a founding member of the Porn FIlm Festival Vienna, and part of the Transition Queer and Minority Film Festival.