Arabella Bartsch
Arabella Bartsch, whose multifaceted filmmaking career began with a master's degree in Journalism, has been crafting compelling narratives across documentaries, commercials and music videos for over a decade.
In 2020, Arabella made her scripted content directorial debut with DEADLINES, a comedy series for zdfNeo. The show swiftly captured attention and was heralded as a unique addition to German television. Arabella's directorial prowess earned her a nomination for Best Director, while DEADLINES garnered acclaim as the best comedy series at the Deutscher Fernsehpreis.
Building on this success, Arabella helmed DRUCK (season 7), a poignant coming-of-age drama series for FUNK in 2021. Her work on the series propelled lead actor Eren M. Güvercin into the spotlight, earning him a nomination for the Deutscher Schauspielerpreis 2022 in the category of Younger Generation.
In 2021, Arabella directed the highly praised documentary series HER STORY, with her portrayal of Dunja Hayali for Sky. The documentary garnered accolades, earning a nomination for the Deutscher Kamerapreis in the documentation/docu-series category.
For the inaugural season of LOVE ADDICTS, Arabella took the helm as the lead director on the comedy series for Amazon Prime in 2022, directing episodes 1-4.
In 2023, she brought her directorial talents to Disney+ with PAULINE, serving as the lead director for episodes 1-3, further solidifying her reputation as a versatile and visionary filmmaker.
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